Thursday, December 23, 2010


Helloo to all you lovely people! firstly we would want to apologize for being away for a while but what to do our college gives us too many assignments :/ like TOO MANY! okay maybe not ! :P
Okay…so perry n I decided to colaba as it had been ages since we last went there.
it was a good break from all the tiring assignments and college work. As always we shopped our hearts out and got some really good deals on almost all the things we bought.(thanks to our bargaining skills):P :P
Lately its been quite chilly in Bombay….we finally got to wear some nice warm clothes :P
Though we still are dreaming of trench coats. :(

Perry wasnt feeling all smile-y. So these angry-sad faced pictures. She says sorry! :P 

Perry's wearing  
Oversized sweatshirt - bandra 
Leggings- bandra 
white belt - Bandra (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 40 inr!)
Black belt - dress box, bandra 
ballerina flats - Trios, bandra 
Bag- some shop in juhu :s
Glasses - vintage
Neckpiece - Accessorize  
Total Outfit done in 2700 bucks! :D

And I was more than happy to finally wear my beanie ! :D

Trishala's wearing 
Grey tunic - Bandra (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 100 inr!)
Denim jacket- bandra 
Beanie - Forever new
Slip ons- Colaba
Ring and brooch - secret shop :P
Vintage shades - secret shop :P
bag - mango. 
Total Outfit done in 2300 bucks ! :D

Haha random walking on the street pictures. :P Perry still wont smile ! :P 

Oh! finally ! :P
So since the weather screams of romance, Here is what we are listening to :P
Trishala suggests Your body is a wonderland - John mayer
Perry Suggests Young Folks - Peter,Bjorn and John. 

Merry Christmas ! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its that time of the year again! :P

So we have been busy.  Busy doing something that we LOVED. Styling. :-)  
We helped in putting up the costumes for the fashion show in two bmm fests back to back. :-D
BMM Fests have always been mad fun! Last year we had more or less no work except for cheering on top of our voices :P This year we were a little busier. (Little only)
So in these fests, the name of your college is NOT to be disclosed and each college gets a contingent name according to the theme of the festival.  
Blitzkrieg -KC College turned into a land of magical stories and fairytales- Where our contingent’s name was Jake Sully.
“khalbali hai khalbali KC aaya jake sully”  :-P
Trishala and I didn’t get a chance to click many pictures but there are a few.

These were at KC Fest Blitzkrieg

Yes, Painted faces! :-D
Here is the fashion show link:
Came second in this fest. Mathematics should be added to the BMM syllabus. Seriously. :-| :’( 

Detour-Jai hind on the other hand chose to do it the Grecian way with the theme being Greek Mythology. Every college was named after a Greek god and our Greek god was Chaos.

The fashion show however was with a twist :P Every college had been given a music artist who’s style had to be displayed in the fashion show and also incorporated in the greek gods. Our artist was Madonna (bigggggggg smile)
Here are a few pictures

This is a bow trishala made for one of the madonna outfits :) 

We won this fest :-D
Though it got nerve wrecking at times, We have sailed through :P
We took back a lot of memories, smiles, Abuses and mainly LESSONS. Lessons on how to take pride when everyone tries to copy you, How not to get into a cat fight, How to save the day (YES) and how to survive the last 10 minutes before a fashion show :P

Thank you. 
Bye :-D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We are loving this.
This feeling of being adored and accepted for who we are, is AWESOMESAUCE !  (new word :-D )

Finally we have some work to do :P and it’s a job we love. 
Further details in the next post.  

Tuesdays are good. Candies is open. Wild berry iced tea makes us smile. Wide. :-D

 Trishala's wearing : Oversized sweater - mango
Shades - mango
Tights (mom's stockings cut into tights)
Bag - globus
Ring- Bandra  (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-200 inr !)

 Perry's wearing
Asymmetrical top- Bandra
Jeans- Delhi
Neckpiece - Bandra
Orange kolhapuris - Bandra
Vintage shades - Secret shop :-p (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-80 inr !) B-)

"yeh kaun chitrakaar hai?" - says ankita

Sad phone camera.Sad pictures.
Bye :-D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to bargain like a pro.

Today we are going to tell about 5 easy peasy steps on HOW TO BARGAIN like a pro.  
How else on the earth would the outfits get done in less than 2000 bucks ? :-P
            1-No matter how old or young the storekeeper is, DO NOT call him “uncle” . Avoid it.People don’t like being reminded of their age. Yuss!

             2-Poker face always helps. No matter how amazingly beautiful or hot a top/chain/pair of pants are please don’t let the excitement show on your face. If he knows how badly you want it, the chances are very meek that he will take your price. Jump and yell all your want, pull your hair in happiness LATER. Save the “Oh my god’s” for later ladies :-D

            3-Use the puppy face as much as possible. It works most of the times. A sad looking person in the store is too much for any man to handle. He will want to get rid of you ASAP. There. You win! :-P

            4-Make promises. Tell them you will come back again. You will go and tell about this awesome shop to ALL of your friends (NEVER EVER DO THAT :P ).  He can charge you extra the next time you visit (keep saying this every time ! :-P). You will never ever tell any other shopkeeper that they sold it to you at such an inexpensive price :D etc etc

          5-Make him feel guilty. Say random things. How the world is going to end by 2012 and its no use fighting over silly things now. How you were saving up money for this very piece ! . How this is all going from your pocket money and you will have to travel by public transport for the next week. However please say just one or two things. Don’t make it seem like PMS cribbing. PLEASE! 

Trishala’s Favourite bargain line : “Please please give it ok ? We are college students and our allowance is very low (dont forget the puppy face) ”

Perry’s Favorite bargain line: “ hello ? Arent we your regular customers? Give it at our price. Pleaaaaase?" (doesn’t matter if it’s the first time at the shop)

Till then we shall enjoy our beers. JUST LIKE THIS. 
Till the next post
Trishala recommends "Sheila ki jawaani- Tees Maar Khan"

Perry recommends "If you need some lovin - Pomplamoose"

Stay Happy. :-D


Friday, November 19, 2010

Always In Style- ZEENAT AMAN

So today  is HER BIRTHDAY!! 
Her  be my most inspiring style icon.  Zeenat Aman 

For all these years I grew up watching her and it would be safe to say that I was smitten by this woman! :P
Her style has always managed to inspire and motivate me to break the norms of “convenient  fashion”
Be it her over sized pink glasses in DUM MARO DUM, or the over sized flower band on her head, the head band,the long white gown with the fur wrap around her neck !  She has ALWAYS managed to amaze me beyond words.  Such a DIVA !
Zeenatji May your life be filled with happiness, grace and prosperity.. Happy Birthday!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The coolaba trip :D

After the supaaaar hectic two weeks of writing hopeless examinations, sleepless nights and raccoon like eyes, came the small little escape to one of our favorite places.
Colaba :-D
with our AWESOME SHADES we shopped yet again. B-) 
There we met  Sue. She was so amused to see us click pictures on street, she started posing for us too. Haha She was way too cute. :) :P  We love what she wore :)

Trishala's wearing 
Black edgy puff sleeved top (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-100 inr !)
Blue denims
Shades - Mango
Bag - Goa
Ballerina flats - Bandra
Owl Pendant - Bandra
Total outfit done in 2100 bucks !


Perry’s wearing
Grey tunic – colaba
Denim shirt – Colaba
Shades – Secret shop :P (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-35 inr !)
Pendant – DIY
Studded Gladiators – Bandra
Total outfit done in 700 bucks :P

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its perry's birthday..:D

So its Prerana's b'day today...she turned 19 :D :D but sadly i cant meet her today as she's out celebrating with her family..:(                                                                                                                                                I've known perry for more than a year now...she's this wacky crazzyyyy person...who's ready to shop any time of the day....she's my best buddy...she's always been there for me..we have had some amazing times in college, goa, IV's, shopping and how can i forget CANDIES!!! :D you will see perry sporting a new wackkyy hairstyle every 3months..I LOVE U PRERANA SASTRI!! may all ur wishes and dreams come true....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Pehla post. :">

So so so it was
Just another random day with two of our lovely ladiss – Ankita and megha

We went to a garage sale at café goa and anything that has Goa in it, We love. :-D
As expected all of us started talking about how amazing our last goa trip was. :)
Yes goa we shall be coming soon! :-P

megha broke ankita’s kolhapuri’s and then she found the cutest pair of ballerina flats.
Other than that nothing eventful enough happened.
That be us with megha and ankita :)

 Me : I look like potty in this picture.  Hs : Noo! You look like a little kid waiting for her mom. All cute and innocent.
(no way puttar ) :-|

Perry's Wearing : Blue jacket (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit- 50 inr !)
               Floral top - Fashion street
               Black jeans - lee
               bag - Gift :-D
               Neck piece - Globus
               brown Kolhapuris - colaba
              Outfit done in 2300 bucks !


Trishala's Wearing : Dress - gift :-D
               Bag - Mango
               ballerina flats - Mango
               Earrings - vintage
               Belt - hill road (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit- 200 inr !)
               Ring - Bandra 
               Shades- Vintage (oh my god!)
               Outfit done in 2900 bucks ! 

:-D *all smiles* 

Friday, October 29, 2010

So finally we are hee yah !

Hello everyone!! *mad-like hand waving followed by a wide grin*

Trishala and Perry are starting a blog. *drum roll*

So WHAT will this place give you? 
Saying fashion will be as obvious as saying “hmmm” during a boring conversation :-D

So there is going to be a lot of drama, opinions that you may not like, random ranting, hate posts, nonsensical posts, GOOD posts (Hello? we are capable of that)  and our cheeky smiles to cover it all up. :P

Alright ?

P.S: We missed our grammar classes at school.