Thursday, May 5, 2011

(: Its a Maxi Dress Affair :)

Hello hello hello ! All good? All good? :)
We are done with our disappearing act  ! :P
Its been ages! And well summer is surely making the blogosphere look prettier like never before :D
Summer.Since we are still students summers have always meant only one thing for us. Vacations! :D Haha!
Any person living in Mumbai shares a love-hate relationship with summers. On one hand the heat is terrible, sunscreens do more or less nothing to prevent tanning, traveling is a BIG pain and on the other hand you can always catch a sunset after work and feel awestruck everytime you watch it go down the sea (happens with perry always! :P), a glass of Chilled beer goes down the throat like water and no shame in saying it feels like heaven when that happens! :D , Stepping into a place with Air conditioning becomes THE most important thing :P, cotton is the only fabric you swear to buy everytime you go shopping and ofcourse one gets to wear maxi dresses ! :P
 Haha ! yes all of that boils down to this only! :P

We have been loving.. no! ABSOLUTELY LOVING this trend. Maybe we are a little too late to try it out but better late than never no?
Top 3 Reasons to love and wear a maxi dress :
It suits every body type.  :D
Maxi dresses will make you look feminine and fabulous without having to compromise on the comfort. Infact they are comfortable enough to sleep in. (just saying ! :P)
Maxi dresses will save your legs from getting tanned! Big problem in this city atleast !

Here are 5 people who blew our minds away, dropped our jaws and inspired us to buy a maxi dress for ourselves :D 
Aakriti D, our most stylish classmate. Has the best collection of bags. Never seen without her warm smile. Loves sleeping and looks Gorgeous in a maxi dress :P 
Tanvi from :)

Sonu from Fashion Bombay :)

4. Vicky Brearley from vintage vixen :)

5. Aranya ( Oona) from the billet-doux :)

Here's how we wore it 

Perry's wearing 
Maxi dress - Forever new
brown clutch - Mom's 
Strappy sandals - Colaba (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 100inr)
Neckpiece- Bandra.

Trishala's wearing:
Maxi Dress- Bandra
Denim Vest- Forever New
Neck piece- Bandra
Mojaris- Santacruz 

Bye..Take care :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First! :)

Firsts are always pretty emotional no?
The first time you watch a shooting star, the first time you get drunk, the first interview, the first time you try to wear make-up and end up looking like a fool, the first time you hold hands with a loved one, the first cat fight, the first heartbreak, the first drops of rain on a blistering hot day, the first pair of heels

 the first time you see your picture in a magazine! :-D
We were excited, happy and supremely nervous when we got to know about it from Dhruvin Shah (check his work! Its AMAZING!

After the pictures were clicked we couldn't wait for the issue to come out. 
Andddd on 3rd march 2011. 
Trishala calls Prerana

T: perryyyyyyyy ! its out its out !

P: what? 

T: The magazine! *lots of giggling*

P: *even more giggling* Oh shit Oh shit!! Hows it ? how do I look? Whats written ? (many more questions till she can’t breathe) :P 

Trishala starts reading the article and Prerana cant stop interrupting her with a ‘wow’ ‘oh my god!’ and giggling after every sentence :P 

So yes it was an overwhelming moment when we saw our picture in the Time Out magazine, Mumbai of this month. :)
It is the first time and we just can’t stop flaunting it. :-D (We've been carrying the magazine everywhere! Heehee :P) 

Before we go there are a few people we want to thank (Yes, this is our e-speech with tears in our eyes :P)

So Thanks a lot Dhruvin Shah for letting us know about this

Prerna Makhija (Time out magazine) for being a complete sweetheart :)

& Poloumi Dey (Time out magazine) for the amazing picture 

And ofcourse Time out magazine! 

Thank you guys, you’ve made this special moment happen for us. :)

Here here ! :D 
Pdf will be posted once the mag is off stands. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello all you lovely people out there! :-D
presenting the fabulous ANKITA PIMPALE in her super chic attire
She’s our classmate and also our best friend! :)
This girl is a stunner!! We love her style :-D
Simple and classy.

With  a fabulous smile like hers no outfit can go wrong. Can it ? :-D

Tell us how do you find out third musketeer's outfit (YES we are called that in class :-P )
Take care. :) 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion = Love & Happiness. :)

So Hello !!! :-D
Hope the new year has been treating everyone well 
Yes, We have been away. 
(doing nothing remarkable.) :P 
We were going through a very sad “I-don’t-feel-like-dressing up” phase due to various reasons. However that has ended :-D
And we are Back :-D
Yesterday we went to CST station for our on field photography class. Yes, we are pretty cool like that :P 
This is one subject where the projects get done without more or less no cribbing. Which is RARE ! :P
The next post will reveal the biggest reason as to WHY we love this subject so much :P 

Trishala's wearing 
Tie n Dye Jumpsuit- Bandra

Peace pendant chain - Al's 
Jute Bag - Goa (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 100 inr!)
Shades- Bandra 
Lennon glasses - Gift
Mojris - Colaba
Total outfit done in 1350 bucks ! :-D

Perry's wearing (and SMILING!) :P 
Blue jacket with lace details - Bandra  (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 150 inr!) B-) Lucky find! :D
White tank top - bandra 
Ballerina Flats - Bandra 
Bag - Gift
Shades - Vintage
Owl Pendant - Dress box, bandra. 
Black pants
Total outfit done in 1550 bucks! :D

Bye :)