Thursday, May 5, 2011

(: Its a Maxi Dress Affair :)

Hello hello hello ! All good? All good? :)
We are done with our disappearing act  ! :P
Its been ages! And well summer is surely making the blogosphere look prettier like never before :D
Summer.Since we are still students summers have always meant only one thing for us. Vacations! :D Haha!
Any person living in Mumbai shares a love-hate relationship with summers. On one hand the heat is terrible, sunscreens do more or less nothing to prevent tanning, traveling is a BIG pain and on the other hand you can always catch a sunset after work and feel awestruck everytime you watch it go down the sea (happens with perry always! :P), a glass of Chilled beer goes down the throat like water and no shame in saying it feels like heaven when that happens! :D , Stepping into a place with Air conditioning becomes THE most important thing :P, cotton is the only fabric you swear to buy everytime you go shopping and ofcourse one gets to wear maxi dresses ! :P
 Haha ! yes all of that boils down to this only! :P

We have been loving.. no! ABSOLUTELY LOVING this trend. Maybe we are a little too late to try it out but better late than never no?
Top 3 Reasons to love and wear a maxi dress :
It suits every body type.  :D
Maxi dresses will make you look feminine and fabulous without having to compromise on the comfort. Infact they are comfortable enough to sleep in. (just saying ! :P)
Maxi dresses will save your legs from getting tanned! Big problem in this city atleast !

Here are 5 people who blew our minds away, dropped our jaws and inspired us to buy a maxi dress for ourselves :D 
Aakriti D, our most stylish classmate. Has the best collection of bags. Never seen without her warm smile. Loves sleeping and looks Gorgeous in a maxi dress :P 
Tanvi from :)

Sonu from Fashion Bombay :)

4. Vicky Brearley from vintage vixen :)

5. Aranya ( Oona) from the billet-doux :)

Here's how we wore it 

Perry's wearing 
Maxi dress - Forever new
brown clutch - Mom's 
Strappy sandals - Colaba (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 100inr)
Neckpiece- Bandra.

Trishala's wearing:
Maxi Dress- Bandra
Denim Vest- Forever New
Neck piece- Bandra
Mojaris- Santacruz 

Bye..Take care :)


Fashion Bombay said...

Awww thank you girls for the mention.
You two pull off the trend super well as well. Love the denim vest!

fashion drunk said...

You're most welcome :)
N thanks :D
take care!!

The Twelfth Sign said...

looooove the photos and also aakritis footwear :)

fashion drunk said...

Hey...Thanks a lot!
take care :)

Vintage Vixen said...

It's been too long, ladies! Rocking the maxis there and I'm honoured to amongst such beautiful women! xxx

fashion drunk said...

Yes we know :( and Vicky you totally deserve to be there! :)
Your style inspires us always.Like always!:)
Take care :)

RETRO REVA said...

A Maxi is always my go-to look whether summer or winter!
Great looks!!!
I especailly like the yellow over the black!

Tanvi said...

Thank You ladies!!! Sorry that I got here late!!! You both do a fab job with the Maxi! Love the print of both of them and your gorgeous faces!!! :)

♡ from ©
Apothica Giveaway

fashion drunk said...

@ Retro Reva
Yes and you look fabulous in a maxi :) Your blog is too good. The header looks so amazing! :)
Thank you so much for stopping by :) Take care.

:D Thank you sooooooooooooo much :D

Leena Patil said...

Be-a-u-ti-ful Perry and Tri :)

The Billet-Doux said...

Haha thanks for the little mention! Love your maxis, ladies! Which reminds me... I need to get myself some more of these! :)

Aakriti said...

Awww! I'm so touched you guys *biggesthugever* So So Sweet! And Such A Nice Write-Up! *diesofallthemush*<3 And Thank God You'll Finally Dawned Maxi's, They Are Magical =D And An All Time Favourite. Thank you both =D

Aakriti said...

@The Twelfth Sign - Thank You! My Shoes Are From Tres Mode, Incase The Shopping Bug Bites. (And Doesn't It Always ;0)

fashion drunk said...

@leenaaaaaaaaaa Thank you ! :D

You're most welcome :) Yes you do that ! you look great in them :)

:P Yes yes yes they are! You're welcome :)

Clairejustine said...

I love Maxi-dresses you have lots of great dresses :)

beingFab said...

You guys have styled those maxis sooo well, I specially like the maxi paired with jacket/vest looks...great work!!