Thursday, December 23, 2010


Helloo to all you lovely people! firstly we would want to apologize for being away for a while but what to do our college gives us too many assignments :/ like TOO MANY! okay maybe not ! :P
Okay…so perry n I decided to colaba as it had been ages since we last went there.
it was a good break from all the tiring assignments and college work. As always we shopped our hearts out and got some really good deals on almost all the things we bought.(thanks to our bargaining skills):P :P
Lately its been quite chilly in Bombay….we finally got to wear some nice warm clothes :P
Though we still are dreaming of trench coats. :(

Perry wasnt feeling all smile-y. So these angry-sad faced pictures. She says sorry! :P 

Perry's wearing  
Oversized sweatshirt - bandra 
Leggings- bandra 
white belt - Bandra (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 40 inr!)
Black belt - dress box, bandra 
ballerina flats - Trios, bandra 
Bag- some shop in juhu :s
Glasses - vintage
Neckpiece - Accessorize  
Total Outfit done in 2700 bucks! :D

And I was more than happy to finally wear my beanie ! :D

Trishala's wearing 
Grey tunic - Bandra (most inexpensive piece of the outfit 100 inr!)
Denim jacket- bandra 
Beanie - Forever new
Slip ons- Colaba
Ring and brooch - secret shop :P
Vintage shades - secret shop :P
bag - mango. 
Total Outfit done in 2300 bucks ! :D

Haha random walking on the street pictures. :P Perry still wont smile ! :P 

Oh! finally ! :P
So since the weather screams of romance, Here is what we are listening to :P
Trishala suggests Your body is a wonderland - John mayer
Perry Suggests Young Folks - Peter,Bjorn and John. 

Merry Christmas ! :D


Jahn said...

i understand...back in college I used to do a TO MANY assignments :)...
cute blog u guys got here :)

fashion drunk said...

hehe...thanks a tonne Jahn :)

ClassyandFabulous said...

Ooh that bicycle bag is amazing

fashion drunk said...

:D Thank you so much :)

artyheart said...

You girls are so stylish! :)
Loving your blog ! Following you right away! :)