Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its that time of the year again! :P

So we have been busy.  Busy doing something that we LOVED. Styling. :-)  
We helped in putting up the costumes for the fashion show in two bmm fests back to back. :-D
BMM Fests have always been mad fun! Last year we had more or less no work except for cheering on top of our voices :P This year we were a little busier. (Little only)
So in these fests, the name of your college is NOT to be disclosed and each college gets a contingent name according to the theme of the festival.  
Blitzkrieg -KC College turned into a land of magical stories and fairytales- Where our contingent’s name was Jake Sully.
“khalbali hai khalbali KC aaya jake sully”  :-P
Trishala and I didn’t get a chance to click many pictures but there are a few.

These were at KC Fest Blitzkrieg

Yes, Painted faces! :-D
Here is the fashion show link:
Came second in this fest. Mathematics should be added to the BMM syllabus. Seriously. :-| :’( 

Detour-Jai hind on the other hand chose to do it the Grecian way with the theme being Greek Mythology. Every college was named after a Greek god and our Greek god was Chaos.

The fashion show however was with a twist :P Every college had been given a music artist who’s style had to be displayed in the fashion show and also incorporated in the greek gods. Our artist was Madonna (bigggggggg smile)
Here are a few pictures

This is a bow trishala made for one of the madonna outfits :) 

We won this fest :-D
Though it got nerve wrecking at times, We have sailed through :P
We took back a lot of memories, smiles, Abuses and mainly LESSONS. Lessons on how to take pride when everyone tries to copy you, How not to get into a cat fight, How to save the day (YES) and how to survive the last 10 minutes before a fashion show :P

Thank you. 
Bye :-D

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