Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We are loving this.
This feeling of being adored and accepted for who we are, is AWESOMESAUCE !  (new word :-D )

Finally we have some work to do :P and it’s a job we love. 
Further details in the next post.  

Tuesdays are good. Candies is open. Wild berry iced tea makes us smile. Wide. :-D

 Trishala's wearing : Oversized sweater - mango
Shades - mango
Tights (mom's stockings cut into tights)
Bag - globus
Ring- Bandra  (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-200 inr !)

 Perry's wearing
Asymmetrical top- Bandra
Jeans- Delhi
Neckpiece - Bandra
Orange kolhapuris - Bandra
Vintage shades - Secret shop :-p (Most inexpensive piece of the outfit-80 inr !) B-)

"yeh kaun chitrakaar hai?" - says ankita

Sad phone camera.Sad pictures.
Bye :-D

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